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Hamdi really loves his coaching sessions with Lee. Lee makes the coaching fun but at the same time is very productive. Hamdi has come on in leaps and bounds since he started being coached by Lee; this has all culminated in a year’s contract with a professional club
Posted By: Hamdi
Ages 10 to 12
Lee is a magnificent coach. I recommend his drills to other goalkeepers. He asks me questions so I can understand what I am doing wrong. This helps me improve. I think every week is fun and look forward to going. I have just started 1 v1s and love it
Posted By: Ross
Ages 10 to 12
I’m ten and have been training with Lee for 3 years. At first I had no confidence in coming out to make a dive to player’s feet to win the ball and now I can come out to anybody my size, bigger or smaller whatever size I will win the ball.

I was playing for a Saturday team and at the moment I’m in Centre of Excellence trials for ‘cobblers’, I’ve also been scouted by Aston Villa. Every week there is something new to be taught and learn, you meet lots of new people and make some new friends. There are new techniques some complicated and some easy, in each session he makes us work hard but also makes it fun.

Lee has helped my match performances so much.
Posted By: Callum
Ages 10 to 12
My Gk coach is called Lee.

He is very nice and is patient with me. Sometimes I am naughty and Lee has to tell me off, I don't fall out with him when he tells me off cause he is still nice. I wish he could watch me play my matches cause I know I would play better if he was there.

Thank you Lee from lewi aged 8
Posted By: Lewi
Under 10's group

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