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I would just like to reiterate what Cal has said, he loves your sessions, he has learnt so much from you, you have such a lovely way with all of the children, all of them come away from your sessions with so much self confidence. They have a lot of fun and don’t realise how much they have learnt until they put it into practice in a game, they then naturally use the techniques without thinking. You seem to make each child feel special regardless of their ability. I am sure they come away from your sessions thinking that when they are older they will play for England. Thank you Lee.
Posted By: Lynne
Having been a youth manager/coach with MK Wanderers for the last 5 years, I felt a need for a goalkeeping coach. Enter Mr Lee Reade. A genuine, friendly chap with a very professional approach, Lee has coached the keepers from under 7s through to senior men’s and ladies within the club, and is now looking at working with the new keeper for the Ladies team I am now managing. I have also used him for the last year for my own goalkeeper training as I play in goal myself.

Summed up, you need this guy.

Training with a coach who has worked with some of the country’s top goalkeepers is pretty awesome, and sounds quite daunting, but none of this really matters once the session is underway.

Lee is a top coach, just watch him in action.
Posted By: Barry
Over 16's
I have known Lee for many years now and along that journey I have learned many things. I won’t tell you everything cause there will be a long list and I can’t be bothered. Every session with Mr Reade is different and I have improved in everything. These sessions include very unique and challenging things. He is one of the best goalkeeping coaches in the world and should be coaching for England.
Posted By: Deano
Ages 13 to 15
I have learnt a lot from Lee, including when to punch with 1 or 2 hands, how to dive properly, a good set position and good ways to warm up before matches. I enjoy that we always do different stuff using different equipment every week. I now feel more confident and that I am a much better keeper than before training with Lee.

Since training with Lee, I have helped my team win promotion to the 1st division gaining league runners up medal and also played for the Border Counties rep team, where I got runners up medal in the cup final for Eastern Alliance cup.
Posted By: Jake
Ages 10 to 12

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