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"Jack is now 12 and has been with Lee since he was 7. There is NO way he would have progressed as much without Lee. Lee has seen him through injuries and black times. I've seen other "coaches" and for me Lee Reade is the only one I would trust to coach the right way".
Posted By: Jack's Mum (Nikki)
"One of the old firm, I've been working with and coached by Lee for about 12 years, as both a team manager and goalie. I'm still learning new stuff even now".
Posted By: Barry
"I cannot praise Lee enough for his constant professionalism and coaching skills.
I have enjoyed watching my sons confidence grow and discipline improve over the time he has been coached by Lee".
Posted By: Masons Dad
Since I started training with Lee he has made me an excellent goalie I’ve learnt many techniques and loads of exercises. Lee has built my confidence from zero to a thousand as I was very low in myself when I joined Lee.

Lee has also taught me how to eat healthy to treat my body like a temple. I have been in goal since I was 6 years old, when I started I wanted to be a striker but one time I got put in goal and I liked it. I was a great shot stopper but now I am becoming an awesome goalie with a lot of respect from my peers and adults around me.

This is due to what Lee has taught me, if it was not for Lee I would not be the goalie I am today.

Posted By: Adil
Ages 10 to 12

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