Bring the strength onto the pitch!


Gym Exercise Chart


This article and its other elements is aimed at goalkeepers from late teens to adult only.


The below table of exercises during a normal week’s workout might be clear in so much as the muscles you are planning to work on; the terminology or type of exercise might be foreign to many of you. I can assure you that you have seen a number of these being performed; it’s just that you might not have associated a term for it. Spend a few minutes looking at the exercises on the internet and you will quickly see that you are not being asked the impossible.


The exercise chart as suggested assumes you are reasonably fit to conduct all elements. If you struggle or are unable to complete consider a more gradual build up.


Day Monday             Tuesday                  Wednesday 
Cardio Warm Up    Treadmill 10 minutes                     Rower 10 minutes  Skipping 10 minutes
Muscle Area 1  Chest Biceps Core





 Bench Press -W

 Cable Fly's -R

 Bench Press mini reps -W

 Superset incline cables - W & R



 Pyramid Cables - R

 Pull ups - W

 21's - W




 Planks with weights - W

 x2/x4 Fit ball planks -W

 Standing on the ball kneeling - W

 Boxing on the BOSU - W

 Hanging leg raise - W


 Muscle Area 2  ABS  Back   





 Sit ups with weighted ball - W

 Window wipers lower ABS - W

 Pyramid dumb bell leg raise - W

 Romanian twists - R


 Lat pull down & mini reps - W

 Upper back sit ups -W

 Lower back extention on fit ball - W

 Sraight arm pull across cables - R




Thursday  Friday   
Cardio Warm Up Treadmill 10 minutes Skipping 10 minutes   
Muscle Area 1  Legs  Shoulders   






 Squats - W

 Dead lifts - W

 Lunges - W

 Leg presses - R

 Calf raises - W

 Adductor & abductor - W

 Glute raises - W

 Kettle bells - W


 Dumb bell press - W

 Front side and rear press - W 

 Muscle Area 2    Triceps   

 Dips - W

 Supinated arm extentions - W

 Superset 21's and push ups -

Muscle Area 3     ABS    

 Pyramid weight kettle bell sit up - W

 Knee raises - W

 Leg raise and hip raise - W

 Medicine ball oblique throws & twist - W



 In the above table W = Weight exercises & R = Resistance machine exercises