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Football is a physical sport and due to the varying conditions that the game is played under injuries can occur. These injuries might be as an immediate result of participation or happen over a longer period due to various reasons. The same applies while you ‘train’ or prepare yourself for any game. Due to the requirements asked of a goalkeeper they will have a higher chance of sustaining injuries.

Every care should be taken to minimise those possibilities. Please read carefully the following disclaimer before viewing any other material or performing any suggested material contained within theKeeper.co.uk.

By the performing of or any other form of participation of any material, suggested or otherwise within theKeeper.co.uk; you acknowledge that it is undertaken completely at your own risk; that coaching sessions or other suggested material contained within theKeeper.co.uk may address issues in relation to all aspects and requirements of the sport including those of a physical nature.

You acknowledge that by performing or participation of any matter relating to above that you will not hold theKeeper.co.uk; its representatives or any other person that may be associated with it; liable to any issues whatsoever that may result in your performing or participation. Never attempt any exercise or other physical action unless you are fully able or that exceeds your age (where indicated) or personal & physical abilities. If applicable, seek parental or professional help before attempting them.