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In this article we deal with 'The Scoop & Fall' the last of the three catching methods also known as handling zones.


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They are:


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The 'scoop & fall' is used when the ball is below the pelvis and straight in line with the body. See example pictures.
You do not want to use this catching method if the ball is outside the line of the body. The technique you would then use is the collapsing save (covered in other articles).


In order to correctly perform this exercise you should already be familiar with the coaching sessions of :


'Set position',  'The W' and 'The Scoop'.


You may also have advanced to the sessions of:


                                                           'Into line of the ball' and 'Down the line of the ball'.


The scoop and fall consists of four stages each as important as the other, I recommend that you take more time with this zone than any other due to its complex nature and high risk factor if performed incorrectly.


  • The first stage is the decision to scoop and fall; the ball will be between your pelvis and the ground.


  • Next you will be looking to scoop the ball in a forward and falling position. See picture.


  • The knees are flexed and collapse towards the ground. With the ball scooped into the upper chest the forward fall is continued to the ground. Your final position should be with quadriceps and abdominals flat to the ground with ball firmly in your grasp with eyes also staying focused on the ball.


  • The pause; this is important as the technique should be not rushed, doing so often leads to handling errors.


A difficult skill to learn, so for beginners it would be best if balls where distributed along the ground at a comfortable pace so that you can perform the catch correctly.



Once confident you should now combine all catching zones of 'the W' - 'the scoop' & 'the scoop & fall' in order to maximise your control of the ball within a game.



If you have not already done so, now proceed to 'Down the line of the ball' & 'Into line of the ball'. If you have covered these sessions and combined them with all catching methods then proceed to 'Diving techniques'.



TIP: Mistakes often happen because a keeper has learned a skill or technique and then trys to rush it or fails to complete it properly.

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