Setting up a Defensive Wall



 As a goalkeeper it is your responsibility to CALL and SET the number of players you want in the wall to defend a free-kick.


The above chart indicates the normal options for amount of players in a wall in order to maximise the difficulty of a direct shot at goal by the opposition. In the professional game you might see, especially when the kick is directly in front of the goal, more players in the wall due to the quality of their distribution or ability to still hit the target.  


When calling for the number of players for the wall also clealy indicate the number with your fingers.


For setting of the wall with 1 - 2 / 2 - 3 / 3 - 4 players, you should position the ‘inner’ player, who would be nearest the goal-line, to be in line with your goal-post. The other player/s should then be shoulder to shoulder with this player to avoid any gaps in the wall.


When setting the 5 player wall it should be central to your goal.


You should practice the setting up of a wall in training as in a game it needs to be done quickly. Part of your practice is working with nominated player/s who will assist you in preparing the wall and passing on your instructions, generally that player will be the ‘inner’ player of the wall.