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You should now have worked on the previous session of 'Down the line of the ball'. This is the second stage of the coaching exercise.intoline main image3

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In the previous session 'down the line of the ball' your feeder was asked to strike balls directly at you once you had 'set'. In this exercise they will now on your 'set' pass the ball to their side or to another feeder so that the angle of approach has changed. You will now need to get 'into line of the ball' so again you narrow the target spaces available for the ball to be put past you. Again to start they should feed balls directly at you.


Once in your 'set' use quick short lateral steps as you follow the path of the ball, at the point where the ball will be struck, regain your 'set' so that you are prepared to react to the catch. Remember all the principles of the previous session as these do not change.


Some extra areas to consider are:


  • Good quick lateral side steps. Feet should not be striking each other.


  • Core stability for correct posture and balance to maximise speed & energy.


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In the picture you can see that by taking a line from the ball to the centre of the goal then the line will pass between the keeper's legs. As the ball is moved by an opponent then your position changes accordingly but the 'imaginary' line will always pass though the same points, ball/legs/centre of goal.


As you progress and develop the technique insert changes of movement i.e. have the ball passed to the opposite side or backwards so that you 'restart' your movement. This will help you develop your speed and decision making.


If you have other assistance other than feeder, have someone positioned behind the goal so that they can see you are remaining in line and not drifting therefore opening a larger target either side of the goal for the striker to pass you.


For goalkeepers who are already familiar with dives such as the 'collapse save' (covered in other articles) you should now incorporate those into this exercise, your feeder will now look to score against you. You have now achieved two stages of the coaching exercise 'Down the line of the ball' and 'Into line of the ball' as it is moved or passed. Now go to the article 'Angles' to complete this coaching session.


TIP: The harder you work to perfect quality on the coaching drills and exercises such as – quick steps – direction changes – turning etc – the easier you will perform these sessions. Don't compromise because they might be less exciting.


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