Distribution Methods - an Introduction



In this session I cover the various methods of how you will distribute the ball and when best to use them. Similar to the article of 'Kicking - an Introduction', (also in the Basic coaching section) a more detailed session will become available later in the Intermediate coaching area.



In this introduction we look more at the circumstances of play that will require you to use various techniques. Basically you will either distribute from a kick or from your hands. .


Distribution can be split into two forms:


  • Your method of delivery – kicks or from the hands


  • Its accuracy



Once in possession of the ball you become the first line of attack whether it is a short or long pass, from a ground kick or from the hands. You will need to perform this well if you are to assist your team in the various attacks. You will have to practice a great deal, both in non pressured distribution and of course while under pressure.



Your method of delivery – kick or hand - will of course depend on the circumstances you are put into during play, however, a few guidelines to consider:


  • Your team is under pressure - look to distribute long to help relieve that pressure.


  • The ball comes in from one side, look to distribute to the other side.



Distribution from hands will likely be the following:


  • Team-mates close, in space and not under pressure – roll ball underhanded.17


  • Teammates at distance – use overhand throw.



Distribution from kicks will likely be the following:


  • Goal Kick – here you are looking to pass to a ‘nominated’ midfield or forward player. Also to be aware of the quick short pass.


  • Back pass – depending on what pressure is applied – long if pressured – controlled when not under pressure,long or short will become an option.

 IMG 3772

Two more guidelines that you can incorporate into above:


  •  When a teammate is in a ‘standing’ position or close and facing you - then distribute to their feet, don't try leading them into space as this might cause    confusion at times and loss of possession.


  •  When a teammate is running lead them into the space they are moving into.



Your aim is to maintain possession – accuracy is therefore vital in all forms of distribution. Use every opportunity you have to practise the above with a 'mind-set' of achieving quality in your distribution.