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angles main imageYou should now have worked on the previous sessions of 'Down the line of the ball' & 'Into line of the ball'. This is the third and final stage of the coaching exercises that make-up this area of shot stopping. If you have not yet covered 'diving techniques' then continue with feeds as within the 'catching methods' coaching sessions.


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Setting your angles correctly is one of the crucial elements you will have to master in order to maximise your chances of making more saves. Being in the correct position will reduce the target area offered to an opponent.


Spend the time working on your angles so that they become automatic. You will need to quickly and constantly check your position in relation to the goal. The distance that you will come off your line will depend on your size and ability and of course the size of goal you are playing in. As you grow you will be able to cover more of the angles easier. For small goalkeepers you will need to consider how far to come off your goal line so that you are not beaten by any chip over your head.


The principle:


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Angles are covered by you depending on your positioning:


  • Firstly by being 'down the line of the ball' - see previous article.


  • Secondly 'into line of the ball' – see previous article.


  • Your distance from goal and opponent as the ball is shot.


Setting up a visual for angles: A simple exercise and way you can see more clearly your position is to take a line from each goalpost to the place where the ball will be struck; you have created a triangle. From your goal line come out to a position to 'set' where you think you have the angles covered.


Check the following:

  • Can you reach both lines if the ball is struck either side of you?


  • Are you still central to the goal and not nearer one line than the other?


  • Are you too far away or to near the ball?


Once you have worked on this you can then change the position of the ball both left and right of goal. As the ball goes further away from the central position of the goal the 'triangle' will narrow; as the 'triangle' becomes narrower adjust how far you need to come off your line.


Once perfected you will not only make more saves but you might also experience your opponents missing more shoots as you have made it harder for them to 'spot their target'. You can now proceed to 'diving techniques' so that you can incorporate previous coaching sessions into all the exercises.


TIP: You will need to continually practice all the sessions within the basic section of The better you become the easier you will handle more advanced exercises. Be good at them all and not just some. Be correct in what you do or your bad habits will find you out later.