The first part of the basic coaching section covers position & catching methods that you will need to master as a function of becoming a goalkeeper. They are designed for players just starting out or fairly new to the position. More experienced goalkeepers can review these sessions to check that you are familiar with the areas coached.


The basic section also offers coaching views & coaching sessions suitable for those wishing to expand their knowledge of other technique & skill sets that will improve overall performance.


Do not proceed or jump to the Intermediate or Advanced coaching sections until you are familiar with all basic levels.


Some coaching areas may need supervision or assistance in their performance.


Please read the disclaimer before attempting any of the suggested routines.

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set position the w the scoop scoop and fall
Set Position The 'W' The Scoop Scoop & Fall
down the line of the ball into the line of the ball angles
Down the line Into the line Angles


whyjustaftfront  outsidetheboxfront csfront

Why just a


Coaching outside

the 'box'

Core Stability

 Basic Part 1


cards kickintro1  basicintrodistribution  jack
 General GK


 Kicking an


 Distribution an


 Setting up a

Defensive Wall



Soon to be released


Guide to working with young Goalkeepers
younggkparent younggkparent
Parent Manager/Coach


 basicdiving kitbag

    Basic Diving