The below coaching areas are designed for a controlled learning and development process of the techniques and skills required for today’s goalkeepers. It is recommended that you follow and are capable of performing each of the coaching sections in order before progressing. Those with more experience might still wish to review the Basic area to ensure you are using correct methods. 


If performing any coaching sessions where assistance is required and you do not have the assistance of a qualified coach, you are advised to ensure that your ‘helper’ is fully aware of the coaching set and what you are achieving from that task so that they can perform to maximise your learning of any technique or skill. Consideration of your age, experience and current ability is important so that you maintain the technique and skill whilst performing. Pressurised coaching or exceeding your capabilities will only lead to mistakes.






Coaching sessions include catching techniques and positioning. Ideal for those new to goalkeeping or parents assisting their children and coaches of youth football with limited or no experience.

Introductions to more detailed coaching elements which will be covered in the Intermediate & Advanced coaching sections. 

Specialised information to increase overall knowledge & development.

Do not proceed or jump to the Intermediate or Advanced sections until you can perform all basic levels correctly.







Diving, kicking, distribution and other general skills. Suitable for those who have covered the Basic section above.


Specialised information to increase overall knowledge & development including areas not normally coached.









For more experienced goalkeepers/coaches wishing to progress to a higher standard and performance.

Specialised information to increase overall development.






 Some coaching areas may need supervision or assistance in their performance.


Please read the disclaimer before attempting any of the suggested coaching routines.