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My name is Lee Reade, I am a UEFA Licensed Football Coach where I have attended coaching courses up to the 'UEFA A' Licence for both players and goalkeepers. I specialise in coaching goalkeepers (although I have a number of out-field players also). I have worked with Professional Football League Clubs in their youth programmes; coaching two players who were selected for their national teams.


My coaching company covers all age groups, some who are shown on the images and videos around this the theKeeper.co.uk website. All will testify to the improvements they have made due to the methods and coaching they receive and of course, what they put back into it themselves.


Based in Corby the majority of my goalkeepers come from the areas of Northamptonshire/Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire. One of my main locations in Milton Keynes (where I also do Summer Camp days), has changing facilities and fitness equipment available.


Having played at various levels of the game, I was attracted to the coaching side which now takes up all my time. My experiences are probably no different to what you have or will come across in your playing career! The classic 'warm up' of every player hitting balls to you at the same time; the blame that is only on you when the opponents score and the expectation that you have to be perfect in every part of your play. I have attended and seen so many coaching sessions that are more related to training than they are to actual coaching; you need both! I am sure you have experienced the same!


One experience in my youth that always stood way above all others was the lack of specialised coaching and in many cases the lack of recognition for goalkeepers and the vital role that we perform. This was to become one of the main reasons to start theKeeper.co.uk.


fitnessOur position is becoming even more important in many aspects of the game however most coaching (especially at youth level) is often done only for out-field players with very little specialised coaching to the goalkeepers. The game is evolving, so we need to improve the amount and quality of that coaching and to introduce new methods to develop the skills needed by the goalkeeper.


My education includes a Degree level in Sports Science/Football Studies and also coaching qualifications in many other types of sports such as Basketball & Hockey - the primary reason for this was to expand my knowledge of the skills used in those sporting areas so that they could be adapted to fit goalkeepers; many of those skills are now used in my coaching sessions. I have taken Awards in specilised areas such as Fitness Instruction, First Aid & Sports Medicine along with many others, allowing me to offer greater knowledge to those I coach.


Many I know cannot afford the costs for personal coaching. Quite a few of you I am sure will be playing in leagues where your club is limited or not able to offer such specific coaching. Whatever your situation, be it a certain weakness in your game that you seek assistance on or that you wish to improve your all round performance; I hope that you will find help and answers at theKeeper.co.uk.


advancedtrainingI plan to offer sessions and exercises at all levels (Basic through to Advanced) that you can then use to assist and hopefully improve your own performance. As your 'Cyber Coach' I would of course always recommend that the best coaching you will ever receive is directly with a qualified coach, however, as mentioned that is not always possible. So browse my pages and see what we can do together, and if you have any problems head to the 'AsktheKeeper' page; this is where you are able to email a question that is personal to your coaching needs. I will endeavour to answer as many as possible. theKeeper.co.uk can hopefully become a source of information that will help you 'reach your goal' and fulfil your ambitions as a goalkeeper. We might even get the opportunity to personally meet on one of my Coaching Road-Shows or Goalkeeper Camps so that you too can 'experience the difference'.


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